Hiking in Zapadné-Tatry, Chocske-vrchy (Slovakia)

Prosiecká dolina

When we finished the work rushed to start our trip on Thursday (like usually on long weekends).
The target was Huty village, wich is an impossible marvelous place in West Tatry Mountains and
Hoc Mountain’s border. (Západné Tatry). The 250 kms long trip (across mountains) wasn’t so easy at night, but it is worth,I think. When we arrived, we succeed in finding comfortable “camp” near to Malé-Borové (part of Huty). We took 2 wonderful hiking tour. First day we were at the white rocky Sivy top (in Zapadné Tatry). After the hiking we ate delicious slovakian food in Zuberec village. Zuberec is famous for their old tree buildings and its folk culture. At night we were in “fuyora” (a special huge flute) festival, there were a lot of speaking in connection with local traditions (unfortunatelly only in Slovakian), and a few folk music, mostly fuyora music.
Next day we took a tour in Chocske mountain, we were in two amazing valley (Kvacianska dolina, Prosiecká-dolina) We found a quite useful yellow mark from Kvacany to Prosiecká-dolina (Our hiking maps don’t show this path). Last day we were in Podbiel (a wonderful village with a lot of old tree building), we watched Oravske hrad (old casttle), Vlokolinec village (near Ruzomberok), and Banska Bistrica’s old main square.

Pictures: Niki | inSay.

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