Discovering of Montenegro with bike

Crno Glava felé

Montenegro is beautiful. Montenegro is affordable. The personal train transport is also good in Montenegro (and you can carry bicycle). There are brilliant beaches, marvellous mountains and canyons, lovely lakes, old or cheer towns, a lot of cafes and restaruants with local specialities. So there are everything what we want. But we met only tree Russian bikers and Czech hikers with a bus.

More about Montenegro (only in hungarian).

Many photos from Serbia and Montenegro.

Firs day – Budapest – Belgrád – Podgorica by train

Starting the train Podgorica
Belgrád-Podgorica vonatút
Belgrád-Podgorica vonatút

Second day

Route: Podgorica – Rijeka Crnojevica – Virpazar – Skadarsko jazero – V. Ostros

Skadarsko jazero
Skadarsko jazero

Third day

Route: Ostros-Sas-Sasko jezero-Ulcinj-Valdanos

V. Ostros
Merítő halászat, Ulcinj


Fourth day

Route: Valdanos – Ulcinj – Bar – Kolasin – Katun Vranjak (1750m)

Olajfaliget, , Valdanos

Katun Vranjak
Katun Vranjak

Fifth day

Route: Katun Vranjak – Zekova glava(2117m) – Katun Vranjak – Lubnice – Berane – Mojkovac

Zekova glava
Zekova glava

Katun Vranjak

Sixth day

Route: Mojkovac – Tara kanyon – Žabljak – Crno Jazero(1450m)
Tara kanyon

Seventh day

Route: Crno Jazero – Žabljak – Pljevlja – Prijepolje

Prijepolje felé

Eighth day – by train

Route: Prijepolje – Belgrád – Szabadka – Budapest

More about Montenegro.

Many photos from Serbia and Montenegrol.

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